Thursday, October 13, 2005

So Kelley's never been to a concert or club date. Ever. No, really. Not even once. So when I received an e-mail at work from the USO listing discount tickets available in the area, I passed it on to her, asking "Would you be interested in seeing Liz Phair next week?" She likes her music for the most part, and said she'd be thrilled. Hooray! Married people with kids get out of the house. And it's a concert!

The venue was the 930 Club here in the District, and our first visit. A nice place all in all, large open area downstairs, and limited seating upstairs. Due to Kelley's recent surgery, I called ahead and asked if there was a good place on the floor where I could arrange for her to prop up or somesuch. They reserved stools for both of us. Nice!

So we arrive and get settled. Matt Pond PA opened, and played an awesome set. First time I've heard of them (yeah, I know -- as a matter of fact, I DO live under a rock, thanks for asking) and really liked the sound. They mentioned during a break that their new album is out so I'll be trying to locate it as soon as possible.

A brief respite, then Liz Phair. I didn't realize it until she walked on stage that she's a wee little thing. With a great big voice. Of all the artists that have come through DC lately (and the 9:30 Club) this was probably the best choice for introducing Kelley to why seeing an artist live is ever so much better than listening to the album over and over again.

Obviously it's been too long since last I saw a live show of any sort (actually, I think the last time was at the Cambridge Corn Exchange). We are so going to do this again. And soon.



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