Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Yukon Ho!

So the girls are off to Encampment with the Civil Air Patrol this week -- it's very quiet around the place, oddly enough. Nice to have some peace and quiet, nice to spend time with just Emma for a bit, but still miss them. Hope that they're doing OK and that they're not getting hollered at too much. Of course, the hollering is par for the course. We spent a lot of time, the girls and I, talking about what to expect. I've never been a member of CAP, and have never done an Encampment, but I guessed that Basic Military Training would be something similar. I gave them as much advice as they could stomach. Hopefully some of it will come in useful for the week ahead.

I am insanely proud of the both of them. The first time Carolyn tried on her blues and all, my heart just about stopped. The little girl isn't little anymore -- she's growing up and is turning into a really smart, funny, clever young woman. I've always been proud to be her Dad, but never so much as of late. The CAP Cadet Corps have been a good learning experience for her. You can see it in her face here -- she's just glowing with excitement, proud as anything to be promoted Cadet Airman (C/Amn). She really studied hard to pass the exam, as testing is always troublesome for her. She earned this stripe -- she studied hard, didn't make it the first time, but kept on pressing. She did it all on her own. Made it all the better when she found out that she'd passed and would be promoted.

So yeah, I'm extremely proud of her. Irregardless of whether or not she (or Amanda) chose the Armed Forces as a career (or as the start to one), this has been a Good Thing for them.

Some of the Cadet attitude is rubbing off in her day-to-day life. When she puts on the uniform she's all very serious and responsible and diligent and "Airman Fogle" all the way and whatnot. She is starting to display more maturity and responsiblity around the house as well. The usual fog and clouds that drift through her head during the course of a normal day seem to be lifting at last.

Personally, I would much rather she was able to deal with the short-attention-span issues without the use of medication. Wish we didn't have to pill her up to pass her schoolwork.


Amanda is... well... Amanda. You always know where you stand with her. When she's happy, you know. When she's not, you know. You know? :-) She was so nervous about going, and I hope that the nerves didn't eat her up before she found out how much fun she's going to have.

There are pictures available of the daily events at encampment, and it's been great to get some insight into what they're doing up there. A friend of ours remarked, "It's good to know that Airman Fogle is hydrating." Me, I'm pleased that she's diligently studying her Operating Instruction, as indeed they all are. Always good to see that she's paying attention during classroom time (Mandy is second in). Honestly, the person who writes the captions just kills me sometimes. Good to see that she's doing OK, so big thanks and mad props to the folks running the website.

It's a busy week, as always -- broken car (again), massive rain inside the district and no personal time to speak of. More later, and as always,

Ostensibly Yours.

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