Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It happened so suddenly...

It's been a few weeks of craziness around the house, and finally I have a few moments to sit and write about what's been going on. First things first:

We've suffered a small loss in our family.

Our guinea pig passed away. When they got up, one of the older girls tossed a bowl full of greens and carrot in, and went on their way. When I checked in after an hour or so, he hadn't come out of his plastic igloo. Not normal behaviour at all. When I opened the cage and moved the igloo out of the way, I found him stiff and still -- he had passed sometime in the night.

We inherited Mister Squeakers from a family on Bolling AFB -- they were headed to Saudi Arabia and couldn't take their pets with them. He came fully equipped with cage, igloo, several water bottles, a hay manger, food, and a few books about the breed. We promptly tried out any number of new names for our new addition to the family. Monaco GP (guinea pig), Piggie-Boye, and several less popular ideas. I personally liked Mixmaster GP, envisioning him wearing a large gold medallion and shades.