Friday, March 23, 2012

Oh,The Weather Outside Is Frightful

 It's cherry-blossom time again here in Northern Virginia. A time when the warmth of Spring is first felt... OK, this year we've had an extraordinarily mild Winter and Spring actually showed up a tad bit early. Like mid-February early.  A sad disappointment for those wishing for a White Christmas or another Snowpocalypse, a blessing for those of us on two wheels who prefer their pavement nice and dry, thank you. Not that I wouldn't mind riding on snow if I were appropriately equipped.

As mentioned, it is indeed cherry-blossom time.  A time when the very first Tourists of the season are spotted in the Tidal Basin area, forcing most locals to flee the area cursing and seek shelter in the nearest pub, wine bar, or other watering hole.  Living away from the DC area has its benefits: not having to deal with the annual influx of confused and lost out-of-towners driving in random directions, and not having to deal with the irrational and self-absorbed residents of the District who also tend to drive in random directions.

So when Kelley and I looked out of our window earlier this week, we both said at the same time, "Wow! It looks like it's snowing out there!"
And here's the photo to prove it.  It was a grey and overcast day to begin with, and looking out the window it really did seem as if a snowstorm was in progress. 

Confession time: The white blossoms are beautiful, but they are not my favorite variety of cherry.

You see, the pink variety look lovely and have a wonderful sweet scent.  The Tidal Basin is lined with these trees, a gift from the Japanese people.  It's a great place to a traditional Japanese picnic. We do not have any of these wonderful trees in our neighborhood.  Instead, we have the white variety.  They look marvelous, each branch an explosion of small white flowers in clusters of blooms.  The scent they produce is, to put it mildly, musky and unpleasant.  And we are surrounded by them on all sides.  When all the trees are in bloom, the funk in the air is just appalling.  Not a lot of fans of the white cherry blossoms in our home.

Note, I didn't say that there weren't any fans of the white cherry blossoms here.  Peanut Butter, our resident Dwarf Russian Hamster, bon viviant, and rodent-about-town, enjoys this time of year a lot.  We cut a sprig of them every day the bloom is on and tuck it in his cage.  He can be dead asleep and buried under a massive pile of beddng, but introduce one blossom to the cage and he is up and out of bed like a shot, nose a-twitching and whiskers at full extension, looking for his treat.

I'm glad one of us enjoys the "snowfall" we're having at the moment.

Ostensibly Yours,

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