Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Write Away

As you can tell, there's been a great span of time since last we spoke.  There's a lot that's been going on: changes in life, changes in work, changes everywhere.  I kinda left the blog just hanging, mostly because I got swept under by all the minutiae of keeping my family (mostly) intact, my wife's health somewhat intact, and my sanity (semi) intact.

Not to say that things are All Better Now, but most of the really aggressive change management seems to have passed at last.  Now we're just left with the simple things.  Things like dealing with a landlord that is somewhat reclusive and not truthful on most occasions. Things like dealing with my wife's health STILL not being the best.  Things like preparing the eldest for college, the youngest for middle school, and learning not to worry so much about the middle.

So, resolved: More content, more discussion, more posts.  Time to get back in the habit, and write something every day.  Right away.  Watch this space for details, as there are updates a-comin' folks.

Ostensibly Yours,

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*Kel* said...

I look forward to it :-)