Saturday, January 23, 2016

Springtime can tend to take the long way around

Well, it looks like Winter decided to catch up with all the bad weather we've missed over the past few months.  Tonight, using a semi-scientific method (stabbing at undrifted snow with a yardstick, then going and fishing for the yardstick because CRAP that's a lotta snow) it looks like we got ourselves about 34 inches of the fluffy white stuff, more or less.  I'd like to say I spent a productive afternoon shoveling out the neighbor's walks and stoops as I've done during previous years, but this year was different.

This whole thing with the lower back has really put a spike in my wheel.  Seems I have a few disks in the lower lumbar that are not disk-ing anymore, and are either torn, squashed, or have officially left the building mostly.  On medical advice, I've been going to physical therapy for a few weeks now to hopefully strengthen my spine for what lies ahead.  Surgery is looking more and more like a thing that needs doing.  I'm not looking forward to it at all.

A wise acquaintance of mine once said that if he'd known that so many things would slow down, break down, or just quit working altogether he'd never have agreed to get old in the first place.  I'm with him, personally.  This last spill off the bike really did me in this time, and I'm not bouncing back at all.  Besides cramping my riding, it also makes a lot of chores around the house a lot harder to accomplish.  Like laundry, groceries, and dealing with the metric crap-ton of snow that just dropped in our yard.

Still, I did manage to scoop out the area around the heat exchanger -- it was quite literally buried just past the top and was making all kinds of "NOT LIKING THIS NOW" noises when I got out there.  Much shoveling, grunting, grousing, and flat-out cussing commenced.  At the end of which I had a nice wide trench thirty-four inches deep (scientific measurement number two -- measure the depth of the snow by using a yardstick against the bank you've just carved out).  I knocked the ice and snowmelt off the sides and there was a WHOOSH of snow that came roaring out of the top.  Back in business.

It's started slowing down, finally, and from the front window the roads look crappy yet passable.  Passable for this former Nebraska boy, anyway.  One who was taught that any accumulation below the knee was deemed a nuisance, and you weren't expected to engage in social discourse about "all the snow" until it was decently above your hocks.  Of course, back there it started in mid-October and pretty much ran through until April some years.  Plenty of opportunities for conversation nonetheless.

We've had a very mild winter, but we're making up for it today.  Like the Stones said back when, seems like Springtime could take the long way around.

Until next time,

Ostensibly Yours.

It sure been a cold, cold winter
My feet been draggin' 'cross the ground
And the fields has all been brown and fallow
And the springtime take a long way around

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